Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The consumer bankruptcy division of AZ Debt Relief Group, PLLC files numerous Arizona chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions each week. Thus when you hire a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer from AZ Debt Relief Group, PLLC you know that your bankruptcy will be backed by invaluable knowledge that is only gained through experience.

Did you know that filing for bankruptcy can help prevent foreclosure, stop garnishments, erase judgments and stop creditor harassment? What’s more is that, if you have fallen behind on your financial obligations, filing for bankruptcy may improve your credit score. A top Phoenix bankruptcy attorney from AZ Debt Relief Group will guide you through the process of filing bankruptcy from the free consultation to the discharge of your debt. Contact our convenient Phoenix office today to set up your free bankruptcy consultation.

Even if you are not currently considering filing for bankruptcy, a lawyer from AZ Debt Relief Group, PLLC may be able to improve your current financial situation. Our attorneys have successfully modified mortgage loan terms, decreased credit card balances and reduced interest rates for non-bankruptcy clients.

Furthermore, many clients have contacted our office for loan modification and debt negotiation services, only to discover that bankruptcy was right for them all along. Our initial consultations are offered free of charge, so schedule a meeting with a bankruptcy attorney today to see how our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers can help you.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Liquidate nonexempt assets, pay off creditors at a reduced payoff level, drastically reducing your debt levels and giving you the chance for a fresh start

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
As credit tightens in a challenging market, cash flow issues are increasingly common. Use Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to remain in business while reorganizing your business’s debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals and families who meet disposable income levels to retain all property, while paying off debt at reduced levels through a court-approved payoff plan.

Foreclosure Actions Before foreclosure threatens your home, consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which can often help you bring debt to manageable levels while retaining your home.

Credit Card Debt Creditors are barred from many forms of contact and collection efforts once a debtor files for bankruptcy protection.

Debt Negotiation We can negotiate with creditors, review lease and loan contracts, work to halt wage garnishment, and prevent bank account and vehicle seizure.

Stop Creditor Harassment Also known as ??adjustment of Debts of a Municipality,??Chapter 9 allows municipalities to file for a reorganization of debts. This process is limited to cities, towns, villages, counties, municipal utilities,and school districts.

Life After Bankruptcy Bankruptcy most often protects your home, car pension, personal items, medical devices, workers’ compensation income and tools related to your livelihood while still halting the creditor harassment that is ruining your life.

Will I Lose My Car Or Home? Chapter 13 bankruptcy protects all of your property, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy will protect your home and car in most instances. We can provide counsel at every step to ensure you retain the property most important to you.